The Backyard (5/7)


Performances by:

Campana // COSMOS

Turtle T



Special Thanks to:

Stephanie Chew -Video (That’s me!)

Jake Olsby – Photo

Caleb Talbert – Sound

Erik Emil Sandvik – Sound



Branches full of yellow flowers droop down on the heads of the homies. Rings of smoke and laughter waft through the air as the crowd slowly starts getting into the groove. Friends who haven’t seen each other in months, brought together by music and a grill. Welcome to the summertime vibes.


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Whether it be chatting with that stranger boppin their head to the music at the bus stop, or buying a spontaneous one way ticket to Paris, choose your adventure. You could end up making an awesome new connection, or making your way through a new country with only the vague semblance of a plan but only to follow what your gut tells you.


Sup. I’m Steph Chew, a curious creator who dislikes being tied down to one place for too long and walnuts (because they make my tongue feel all fuzzy). I love to sketch, climb rocks, and trek through mountains. If you can’t find me (or if I purposely left my phone in the car), you can probably find me at the gym training for the impending zombie apocalypse or soaking up all the sun possible in a city like Seattle.

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Over the past couple of years I have gained a reputation for being a bit of a traveler, explorer and artist. Much of that is due to the time I have spent working in Belize and Jordan, living in Spain, road tripping around Iceland, capturing video and living among the redwoods, and trekking  900 km across France and Spain on the Camino de Santiago; all over the past three years while I was in University. My childhood was full of volunteering and traveling to around a dozen different countries on 4 different continents with my family.

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Burgos, España


I have grown accustomed to assimilating and adapting to various cultures and lifestyles while still holding a curiosity for each one I enter. I have learned how to pack efficiently and at a minute’s notice. I have learned how to get around Jordan despite my knowledge of the Arabic language.I have learned how to travel cheaply, lightly and independently. I have learned to read maps and navigate public transportation like a local. I have learned that people, no matter the continent or culture,  are inherently kind more than anything else.

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Jerash, Jordan


More recently my friends and family have been coming to me for advice on how to travel on their own. Some are solo female travelers, some are solo male travelers, and some are just looking for someone to nudge them out of their comfortability. So I’ve decided to create something that could function as a way for me to keep in contact with friends near and far when I am not available to take rattle off reviews of backpacks in REI or sit down to help map out public transport in Japan.

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This will be a space for tips on traveling, encouragement to get outdoors and out of your comfort zone, random musings from what goes on in my head when I get inspired to create, and a few stories about the people and places I have become infatuated with. Let’s be real, there will probably be quite a few photos and haikus to go with it all.  My hope for this project will be that any reader will leave encouraged and inspired to choose their own adventure. You are a capable, creative and awesome human. Si se puede!