So much spunk, and a jawline to die for.

Julia and I lived together in Seattle and now she’s graduated and taking on the world.

Here’s a throwback to when we ran around at dusk and took senior portraits.

You go girl.


Charlie & Jen


My friends are gems. I’ve known Charlie since high school, back when we were occasionally lab partners in bio and would eat monstrously large burritos during lunch on the quad. He met Jen a few years ago, and as soon we met her, we knew that she was the one. These two have been such a joy to be around, whether its while we slay board games or fight at the Cheesecake factory, their love for each other and the people in their lives is evident. It was such an honor to shoot photos for these two dear friends. Enjoy!

The Backyard (5/7)


Performances by:

Campana // COSMOS

Turtle T



Special Thanks to:

Stephanie Chew -Video (That’s me!)

Jake Olsby – Photo

Caleb Talbert – Sound

Erik Emil Sandvik – Sound



Branches full of yellow flowers droop down on the heads of the homies. Rings of smoke and laughter waft through the air as the crowd slowly starts getting into the groove. Friends who haven’t seen each other in months, brought together by music and a grill. Welcome to the summertime vibes.